Golden Shoes



Golden Shoes


I was on the treadmill yesterday and my memory was jogged (no pun intended) back to my childhood favorite book “The Country Bunny and the Little Gold Shoes”--an Easter book written in 1939. Every week I faithfully checked it out at the school library, and read it over and over, as I never tired of the story. About 10 years ago, I told my mom about my favorite book, and I’m so grateful she located it in an antique store.

The Country Bunny is in all of us

The Country Bunny is a little Cottontail Mother bunny who tries out to become one of the five Easter Bunnies “Grandfather Bunny” would choose to help deliver eggs to all the boys and girls all over the world. The Jack rabbits laughed at her dream to become an Easter Bunny. How dare a mother of 21 babies, try out for this important job, only male bunnies have the privilege of undertaking. Little Country Bunny would not be deterred by their remarks and jokes and she proudly presented herself before Grandfather Bunny for her ‘audition.’ He was most impressed by her demonstrations of wisdom, kindness, swiftness and cleverness and thus, awarded her the fifth and final spot as an Easter Bunny.


On Easter Eve, she was given a very important task — to deliver a beautiful Easter egg to a sick, little boy who lived high on top of a mountain. This was to be her last delivery. She braved the thorny brush, snowdrifts and ice, until she lost her footing and slipped. And down she went. Little Country bunny became so sad and disheartened lying at the bottom of the hill. Her ankle was badly hurt and she couldn’t get up.   Just then Grandfather Bunny appeared before her, smiled and said “You are not only wise, kind, swift and clever, but you are also the bravest of all the bunnies. And I shall make you my very own Gold Shoe Easter Bunny.” The golden, magic gold shoes were placed on her feet and suddenly the pain was gone and she flew in the air, to the top of the mountain, delivering the last egg to the little boy who was sound asleep in bed.

Resurrection, Rebirth, Renewal

Easter is a time when we celebrate the Resurrection and it's also a time when we can individually celebrate a re-birth, as spring marks this timely passage. “The Country Bunny” imprinted in my mind—meant to be put in a little compartment — until 40 years later, I would understand and appreciate the lesson in the book and how it relates to my personal journey. The past year has been one of thorny brush, icy patches, snowdrifts and too many mountains to count.


At the close, I'd like to leave you with these final comments:

  • Keep the dream alive in your heart
  • Don't pay attention to the "jack rabbits" and naysayers, including your own inner dialogue
  • Utilize your divine, inner compass to lead you through the darkness
  • When all hope is lost, call upon "Grandfather Bunny" / God / Creator to gather up your inner strength, courage and wisdome


  • Don those golden shoes -- sneakers or stilettos -- and fly up that mountain!


Wishing all of you a blessed Easter with renewal for each and every one of you!