Holistic Healing Modalities

Helix Healing Path offers a variety of holistic healing modalities to assist an individual with isolating and releasing trauma from the body and to bridge mind-body-spirit. Quantum Neuro Reset Therapy, CranioSacral Therapy, Tactile Integration and Reiki Energy Healing are implemented modalities to facilitate calming the nervous system for greater parasympathetic nervous system activation.


Releasing trauma from the mind-body

The energy of trauma and memories, becomes stored in the brain and in the body tissues. Left unresolved, the "energy lesion" continues to wreak havoc on the body, contributing to the break-down of the body. Unresolved trauma leads to pain, physical ailments, emotional dysregulation, cognitive challenges, as well as social and relationship disruptions. Moving the trauma(s) out of the body allows for opening the path to optimal wellness in all areas of an individual's life.