Helix Healing Path offers Wellness Programs designed to provide you with the best outcomes in achieving optimal wellness and commitment to health and well-being. Signature programs give you a sense of commitment, build an on-going relationship and provide you quality treatment, tools and education to bring you into closer alignment with yourself in your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. As a thank you for your commitment, I offer a discount for commitment to any Wellness Package of 6 or more sessions.

What you can Expect

When you commit to a package and services, I value the relationship we will be building as we progress on your healing journey. You are also receiving my skilled services as an Occupational Therapist and I will additionally provide you with any other education, therapeutic activities, strategies or modifications during our session, and to assist you in between treatments to ensure quality care is given to you.

Staying the Course

Evolving your health is not a quick fix, nor is releasing years of trauma and other negative experiences in our lives, which have contributed to the break-down in health and wellness. In order to truly feel and see transformation, clients who continue with a program report the highest level of satisfaction and witness positive, lasting changes, through the continued work we do together. .

QNRT / Body Work Wellness Packages:

All packages are paid in full prior to beginning or on the first day of service. You may use a credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express) or a Health Savings Account credit card.
The chart is a general guideline, as I offer customizable packages for you. All packages will be given a discount when 6 or more sessions are purchases. This applies to all packages utilizing QNRT resets and/or bodywork sessions (Reiki, Tactile Integration, Reflex Integration or CranioSacral Sessions).
I offer a 4-week cancellation policy for a refund of a purchased package, from the first date or purchase or treatment, minus the cost of the initial assessment any treatment(s) received.



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