"If someone wishes for good health, one must first ask himself if he is ready to do away for the reason for his illness. Only then, is it possible to help him."  Hippocrates

"Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to find and seek all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it." - Jalaluddin Rumi


Client Testimonials

"On a walk earlier this year, as I was self-reflecting, I decided that a couple of years of talk therapy had run its course. I felt like I was 95% “there” but felt I needed a little something else to get me across the finish line. That night, a random Facebook ad from Helix Healing and QNRT appeared on my feed – I am certain it was a sign! With little information available on the process, I wasn’t sure what to expect. In my first reset, Jodi identified a past trauma that left me feeling powerless. She pared it down to age 16 with a male. It took me less than 30 seconds to connect the dots – 5 days after my 16th birthday, one of my closest friends, a male, committed suicide; I felt powerless. I’ve had 12 resets and each one has helped me release the trauma I didn’t even know I was carrying. QNRT has changed my life – I feel lighter than I have felt in years. While QNRT is amazing and I have recommended it to many, Jodi Lawyer is the differentiator. She is kind, generous, compassionate and simply an exceptional human being. I highly recommend QNRT, specifically with Jodi Lawyer, Helix Healing. Experiencing is believing!" -- T.L.

"Recovering from verbal and physical abuse from my parents and older siblings, as well as severe long term childhood sexual abuse from my abuser has been difficult for me and I have struggled with everyday aspects of life for decades. I have been in therapy for over 30 years. Cognitive Behavioral Therapists have time and time again laid out plans for my recovery and I have most times found it difficult to adapt to new ways of thinking. With some reluctance and skepticism I signed up for QNRT. It wasn't easy at first and if you add in my cynicism I didn't think it was going to help. However, after the first few sessions I began to notice a direct change in my ability to cope with the memories of my trauma as well as my self doubt. I was more able to pull myself out of my depressions and I was better able to differentiate my thoughts and feelings. I began to manage my reactions to the side effects of my trauma better. Don't get me wrong, there were times after almost every session where I was more irritable and a bit more susceptible to my inner voice and self doubt. However, I began to be more adept at controlling my emotions and deciding which thoughts were worthy of my time and which were a waste of my energy. My reactions became more managed, healthier and less dramatic. QNRT like anything we do for our emotional health is a learning process. I need to remember to take from it what I need to help myself better heal and live with the effects of what happened to me. I will continue to be openminded and willing to heal. I believe QNRT has helped me and I believe it will continue to be an important tool in my toolbox for healing and coping." -- B.D.

"I have been seeing Jodi once a week for almost five months now. I still can’t explain how QNRT works, but I can tell you that it does work - in profound ways. I was unsure about trying QNRT and only wanted to pay for one session. However Jodi’s work during that first session was so spot-on that I signed up for a full package that day. And now I’m into my second package. Each session has been so meaningful – some more intense than others – but always meaningful. In my experience, QNRT has been gently and continually healing of past traumas and thought patterns. Over the past 5 months, I have completely changed my self-talk and my thoughts about my physical body. Historically I would attribute any/all setbacks to my lack of worthiness; I always thought I wasn’t good enough for xyz/fill in the blank. Now I feel confident, optimistic and grateful for a beautiful healthy body. And I know that I am an interesting and creative partner, friend, and colleague. If you are nervous to try QNRT, Jodi and Helix Healing is a safe and supportive space to gently heal what’s been holding you back. I can attest to that!" -- V.V.

"Where do I begin? Jodi at Helix Healing Path is incredible. I was nervous to try QNRT as this was the first time ever hearing of it. It's been a life changing experience for me! I even have friends comment how much I've changed (for the better!) It's so phenomenal and to be honest, I can't even fully articulate this process.  I will share this - for as long as I can remember, I have difficulty in expressing how I feel. I have a lot of resentment, loss and pain from childhood that has carried into my adult life and no matter how much I tried to move past it I wasn't making progress. I tried counseling, psychologists, energy healing, self help books. Then I met Jodi (a short 4 months ago) and began QNRT. I'm now able to express how I feel and I even find I'm not so quick to react/respond to people in a negative way. I now find myself naturally responding calmly, when previously I would respond with anger. It's a wonderful feeling. I honestly love that through this process of healing I haven't had to relive the memories through endless discussions, but yet I'm healing!! I've reestablished relationships with people from my past that I thought were forever gone, most importantly, my own mother. I'm doing things in life now that would previously cause me anxiety (even panic attacks!) without even a butterfly flutter in my stomach. If you can relate, I highly recommend you contact Jodi and try out QNRT for yourself. It's not an instant, overnight change, you need to be patient with the process and allow yourself the time to heal with Jodi's help.  Jodi, I will never be able to thank you enough! You're one of a kind and I will forever be thankful for all you have done for me." -- M.T.

"To me, trauma is the clump of yuck stuck in my body that keeps me from living my fullest life. Jodi Lawyer’s method is effective in zeroing in on one clump at a time, and taking its power away. Sometimes it takes a day or so to notice the results, but every time, I end up feeling noticeably lighter, freer, braver, less resentful, and more capable. Jodi has been a wonderful guide through this extremely effective, highly beneficial work!" -- R.S.

"Jodi was so helpful to me. She was able to help calm my over active nervous system down after some health related issues. I was drawn to her therapy of releasing traumatic events from the nervous system. Through it, I was able to release more than I realized needed to be let go. She was able to help my body repair itself and find its natural balance. She really helped me to turn the corner where I was at and I plan to continue working with Jodi as self care for myself and loved ones. We can all use this modality." -- L.D.

"My experience with Jodi was my first exposure to QNRT. I found this modality to be a subtle but effective shift. The process of working with Jodi was comfortable and delightful. She is personable, caring and takes her time. I highly recommend working with Jodi." -- T.B.

"Jodi is a true healer! I did a series of QNRT, and am very pleased with how it has helped me shift my thoughts and reactions. This is effective with day-to-day experiences that we don't even realize shaped our habits and reactions. Jodi is great at explaining how this can work, as well as supporting you through the series. I feel very lucky to have found her!" -- C.O.

"Jodi is an excellent therapist. She used her extensive background in holisitic and natural modalities to help me move forward in my healing. She combined compassion and kindness with skillful interventions to strengthen me in my journey to live a more healthy, balanced life." -- S.J.

"I have found this unique type of trauma therapy to be life expanding and life changing. I wish everyone were able to experience it because we all carry stored trauma in our bodies. I didn’t realize how much I even had until starting to work with her and experiencing how much lighter I became through QNRT. I have tried other therapies and not had the type of results And insights that I’ve gained through QNRT and that started in the first session. I highly recommend her practice and believe everyone could benefit from this type of work. Jodi is in the truest sense a healer." -- A.Y.

"Jodi is an amazing practitioner. Like many, I was referred to Jodi and really didn't know what to expect. What I got was a provider that is compassionate, knowledgeable and multifaceted in her approach. She, like you has been on her own journey and is able to share her wisdom and insights and walk with you in your journey to support, love and help you on your path." -- S.S.

"I've been seeing Jodi once a week for the last 5 months and the changes I've seen in my life from my sessions with her have been incredible and overwhelming in the best way possible. I was referred to Jodi and honestly wasn't quite sure what to expect during my first session. Not only was Jodi so very welcoming and warm, she was extremely knowledgeable and helpful with explaining what we would be doing, what I should expect and how it could benefit me. I saw changes in myself almost immediately, I could feel my body starting to do some healing that I wasn't even aware it needed. The work I've done with Jodi has helped me in working through past traumas, family relationships and having a much more positive and healthier relationship with myself. Working with Jodi has changed my life for the better and I very much recommend seeing her!" -- M.F.

"Jodi is amazing! I found her from an advertisement posted at my local Starbucks. I was at a rough place in my life. It seemed like nothing was going right. I was sad, anxious, tired, depressed and getting through most days was tough. I had never heard of QNRT so I wasn't sure what to expect, I just knew I needed help. I did a series of QNRT and it's amazing how releasing old trauma's changed my life. What I appreciated the most about each session, Jodi and I would discuss the things that were happening in my life between sessions, and I was really healing! Very grateful to have met Jodi and I highly recommend her." -- A.G.

"Jodi is one of the most caring and empathetic people I have ever met. She really knows her stuff when it comes to QNRT. I have been able to make radical shifts within multiple areas of my life and could not have done it without her!" -- M.L.

“The moment I stepped foot inside Jodi’s welcoming space, and was greeted by her warm and generous personality, I knew I had made the right relationship to guide me in my healing process. Jodi used the QRNT protocol to assist me in uncovering past emotional stressors, both big and small, that were leading to anxiety, sleeplessness and fatigue. The healing I have experienced through Jodi’s work is unparalleled to other healing journeys I have tried. I am forever grateful.” - J.D.

"Having known Jodi for over two decades, I marvel in her journey and transformation. After countless attempts through traditional treatments, I finally discovered a healing path through Jodi's unique ability to identify and holistically treat the source of my trauma, depression and anxiety.  With Jodi's guidance, I now experience a daily world I used to think would never exist for me. I enjoy living a life of spiritual and emotional wellness. You have to be willing to do the work, and some days prove more challenging than others, however, Jodi's cadre of tools, resources and support created a safe and powerful space for my personal journey of growth and peace. With blessings and gratitude." - C.L.

"Jodi is so gifted at what she does! Her friendly and relaxed attitude put your mind right at ease and she truly listens to your concerns. I love the vast array of knowledge and modalities that Jodi has to glean from too. The CranioSacral and QNRT sessions I've done with Jodi have been phenomenal! She explains everything thoroughly and is always happy to answer questions. I can literally feel the blockages opening up or things being released that were being held in the physical and emotional bodies. I can always tell when I'm overdue for a 'Jodi session', as getting work from her is an important aspect of my self care. As a fellow healer, I am extremely particular with who I allow to work on me.  Jodi is a rare gem and I would highly recommend her to anyone!" - M. J.

"Jodi is a true professional. From the moment I met with her in my first QNRT session, she made me feel at ease with her professionalism, but also her fun personality. She is truly knowledgeable at her craft and incredibly passionate about helping others. Her office space is so calming and cozy, I felt like I was at home. She is also certified in essential oils, and is able to counsel you if you want a more holistic approach to daily living / medicine. I would recommend Jodi to anyone!" - J.K.

"Jodi really cares about me and my healing/care.  I never feel rushed out the door, and she is always providing me with extra resources and activities to try to get me to the best place possible. She is empathetic, compassionate and I never feel embarrassed when I've cried during my resets. They can be really emotional and Jodi is good at helping me work through them."- H.M.

"Since starting with QNRT sessions, I've noticed I'm able to multi-task at work with more efficiency. I'm not tired nor have that brain fog that I used to get during the day. My co-workers ask me all the time "How can you get all that done in a day?!" - J.K.

"I was a terrible sleeper before starting QNRT. On the nights I have my sessions, I sleep like a rock. Sometimes I even oversleep!" - R.T.

"I'm beginning to notice I'm not as reactive as I used to be. I'm letting the 'little things' go and less angry and I'm starting to like myself." - P.D.

"I honestly can't believe the old memories that I remember during the resets, and how they affected me when I was a child. I find myself telling Jodi these memories, that I've never told anyone. It's so interesting to see how these negative experiences, have challenged me in my relationships over the years." - B.E.

"I hate to admit this, but I was obsessed with shopping and had obsessive urges to go on these "missions" and find whatever it was I thought I needed.  Since starting QNRT, I've almost completely stopped the obsessive thoughts and I definitely don't have that same need to go shopping.  Jodi was able to pull out the memories that possibly led to my obsessive shopping habit. My husband is so much happier :)"- K.W.

"We discovered a memory which had led me to feeling unsuccessful in all my work environments, no matter what I did.  I was constantly getting passed up for promotions, or extra responsibilities in my job(s). Since having several QNRT sessions, I've received a raise and a promotion!" - W.L.

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