How many treatments will I require?

New wellness visits will include an evaluation, which assesses traumas stored in brain lobes, state of the nervous system, state of adrenals, presence of negative patterns, core drivers, physical pain, immune function, inflammation, and type of stressors. Clients will additionally receive the first QNRT re-set, a wellness consultation and occupational profile to design a treatment plan to fit your needs.

You may also be asked to complete written assessment(s), such as a temperamental scale or leisure scale to further develop yourself, according to your particular needs and goals.  We will send you the health and history intake prior to the initial assessment, so you can complete it and  bring it with you for your first appointment.

If you present with Core Drivers and Negative patterns, you will generally require a minimum of 15-20 resets. Very complex trauma with extensive negative patterns may certainly need more sessions.  

Most clients will benefit from 12 Quantum Neruo Reset Treatments. We've all incurred trauma in our lives whether it is considered "Big T" or "Little T" trauma. It is important to consider that attachment templates from childhood and denial of presence or having a voice, is also trauma, as well as growing up with a parent who couldn't self-regulate. For clients who have endured significant trauma, additional resets may be warranted. Modalities such as CranioSacral Therapy and Reiki Therapy may be used as supplemental therapies in between QNRT reset sessions.

How often will I need to come in?

QNRT is not necessarily dependent on frequency. After assessing the functioning of the nervous system, most clients come in once per week and other clients, every two to three weeks.

Does QNRT or bodywork modalities hurt?

QNRT does not hurt. I utilize a cold laser and additional tools and MRT to access the brain lobe and body tissue, where a trauma is stored. The reset is you, following a few simple instructions while I'm implementing the protocol. CranioSacral and Reiki energy healing are very gentle hands-on bodywork therapy. Most clients, at first, find it hard to believe that such gentle treatment can make positive changes in your body as the body strives to regain homeostasis.

Do you accept Health Insurance

Helix Healing Path does not accept Health Insurance. This is a one-time (series of treatments) investment in transforming your mind-body connection for optimal functioning by rewiring neural pathways in the brain.  Treating one client per hour and a few people per day does not allow me to accept an arbitrary form of payment for services. Insurance reimbursement is arbitrary and cannot make up for arbitrary reimbursement by seeing more clients per hour.  Health Savings Accounts generally reimburse for this therapy, as Occupational Therapy is an accepted therapy with a HSA.

May I come in and receive a few visits?

I fully recognize it is a difficult decision to invest in a therapy without understanding or experiencing it. Quantum Neuro Reset Therapy, is designed to reset neural pathways so essentially your brain is sending a new and different message to the body, thereby, facilitating positive changes in the mind-body connection. While we pack on all these traumas for years, releasing the trauma from the body does not happen overnight, however, the resets make profound changes within a client, and most individuals begin to notice changes within a few resets.

Treating clients a few times will not give you the desired results you are seeking in your mind-body and your individual life. Signature programs are offered to give you a sense of commitment, build an on-going relationship and provide you quality treatment, tools and education to bring you into closer alignment in regards to your physical, emotional body, mental and spiritual bodies. Making a commitment to the program, allows me to aid you in transforming and changing your life, and this is what brings me great joy.

Do you have a return policy

With the purchase of a Wellness Package (QNRT or a combination of QNRT and body work), you may request a refund up to two weeks from the time or purchase or first date of treatment. There is no refunds given for the assessment or treatments previously received. Packages are expected to be completed within one year of purchase, unless extenuating circumstances prevents a client from successfully completing sessions.