Your mind-body-spirit with holistic treatment modalities and preventative wellness care, aimed to naturally allow the body to reveal the traumas held within



The adverse emotional experiences and trauma, keeping you in repeated cycles of emotional and physical pain, illness, stress and self-sabotage; preventing you from living life to your fullest potential in health and lifestyle



To discover your authentic self, reclaim your life and vitality, leading you to obtaining  wholeness of mind-body-emotion-spirit

"My mission is to facilitate client's transformation to become the best version of themselves, by releasing the adverse emotional experiences and trauma out of the body, contributing to the break down of mind-body-spirit. Releasing the trauma provides for healing the physical body, emotional body, mental body and spiritual body; bringing you into alignment with your true self."                       - Jodi Lawyer


Helix is a fusion. It is a holistic pathway of fusing your physical body, emotional body, mental body and spiritual body, towards a balanced, whole and congruent self. Our mission is to guide and empower our clients towards a synergistic expression of their highest level of health, wellness and overall well being. We aim to facilitate this through implementing an integrative and holistic approach; improving occupational performance with intervention and implementation of appropriate treatment modalities, while providing assessment, education, training and skill development.

At Helix Healing Path, our approach is to honor and appreciate each individual’s story; identifying your mind-body-spirit person , quite simply, as a “map” of your being, from conception to present. Unresolved and repressed trauma, whether it’s physical, emotional or sexual trauma, lifestyle, pathology, psychological, cognitive, physiological, and spiritual barriers, may contribute to deterioration of the body, mind and spirit, and may potentially lead to discord in the body and eventually, dis-ease. We address the physical, cognitive, emotional, psychosocial, sensory-perceptual, and other aspects of performance in a variety of contexts and environments to support engagement in occupations which enhance physical and mental health, well-being and quality of life. Learning to tune into the messages the body is sending and developing intuitive guidance, allows access to living more holistically and a greater sense of mastery. Emphasizing occupation as an essential element of health promotion strategies and to provide individual intervention, is to foster an individual’s optimal level of health.

Transitioning from wellness to wholeness is the ultimate intention of our services. Wellness is a conscious, evolving and self-directed process of achieving one’s potential for sustaining optimal health and well being. Moving beyond wellness towards wholeness is an integration of the physical body, the mental body, the emotional body and the spiritual body. When all the parts are working together, multi-dimensionally and harmoniously, true wholeness is achieved and a person’s greatest potential is maximized.






Potential success concept as a symbol for aspiration philosophy idea and determined growth motivation icon as a small young sappling making a reflection  of a mature large tree in the water with 3D illustration elements.

Your body is speaking to you

Can you hear what it is saying