Let your Freak Flag Fly – or is Fear Stopping you?


"Boredom, anger, sadness, or fear are not ‘yours’, not personal. They are conditions of the human mind. They come and go. Nothing that comes and goes is you.”  -- Eckhart Tolle

Have you ever come across the acronym for Fear? F.E.A.R. is False evidence appearing real. After all, what is fear? Fear-based programing stems from old patterns and memories stored in the brain as a survival mechanisms (the reptilian part of the brain). Fears will continue to rear their pesky head as you stumble into situations which challenge you to take a different fork in the road. When I worked in pediatrics as an Occupational Therapist, the kids loved the game “Wack-a-Mole”. Secretly, I did too, but the object of the game is to use your mallet and pound the head of the mole when he popped up from the hole. Don’t we all wish that tackling fear was as easy and smashing it back down? If you stop to think of the madness with whacking the mole, all we are really doing is hammering the fear into temporary submission.


The interesting parallel with fear and moles, is moles dig deep tunnels all over and will potentially cause a disastrous mess in the yard. Fear(s) are all the tunnels buried in the ground, connected by various past situations, and woven together as an intricate underground cavern system. When the mole (fear) pops up, either it climbs out of the tunnel and will come onto ground or submerge itself back down in the earth.

Isn’t that the same concept fear does to us? We either climb out of our dark tunnel and face the world or bury ourselves down until the next time. Fear doesn’t just go away on their own, especially if it’s a deep-rooted fear with layers of pain and trauma surrounding it. On occasion, we may have a burst of courage and do or say something unexpected which may provide a small success, but the key to true freedom, is to live a life where fear is not dominating our lives.


Fears Hold us Back

Fears hold us back from evolving into, who we are meant to become, and from participating in our lives as fully as we should. Fear prevents us from applying for a new job, pursing a new relationship, kicking an addiction, moving forward and up in our lives. Even when the intellectual part of our brains tells us we deserve more or are worthy, it is the deep-seated fears embedded in the brain-body system which is running a “virus” in your system. Stepping out of fear is scary in itself, as it forces us to dig deep, just like the mole, to uncover some deeper truths about who we are and how our fear-based behaviors drive us into unsavory situations. Courage pushes us to no longer cling to the "security  blanket" of fear, which can often be used to hide beneath. I think about the Indigo Girls song "I wrapped my fear around me like a blanket..." We are now living in a world where saber-toothed tigers are no longer chasing us (dating back to hunter-gather dates), however, the primitive survival-based brain continues to make its mark in our lives.  The issue is the human  brain loves problems and the old pattern allows us to easily slip back into fear-based thoughts and programming.

Alchemizing Fear

Alchemizing fear takes a great deal of courage and work, to go straight to the source from where it originates.  Sadly enough, there are many individuals who would rather cling to their fear, rather than transform, as it becomes more daunting to envision themselves in a new place with an improved version of themselves. If you really want to allow yourself to blossom, flourish and let your freak flag fly, then you must address your fears. This is when true freedom takes a front seat.  An effective method for eradicating fears is utilizing Quantum Neuro Reset Therapy. Through this modality, I had great success with removing old fears that were leading to self-sabotaging behaviors and destructive behaviors, taking me further away from what my life purpose is. To read more, click here: https://helixhealingpath.com/qnrt/

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Coupled with meditation and connecting to Higher Power, allowed me to further connect to my intuition to dig deeper to hone in on the fears, which were driving particular behaviors. Removing fears, layer by layer, lends way to opening up new doors for potentials and this is when higher living occurs. Fears muck up the way we perceive situations and / or people, based on old realities. With that being said, when you let go of fear, setting boundaries with others becomes less of a hassle, you let go of caring what other people think of you, and allow your gifts to flourish. Becoming authentic in the way you live your life emerges by default.

Let your freak flag fly!


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